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What Dogs Hate the Most

October 8, 20120 Comments

It is cruel and not acceptable to ever hit your dog. Beyond that truth, it is also not an effective training method at all.  The best training method would be to do what dogs hate the most. They don’t like to be put in their place – although that is exactly what happens in packs.  They get put in their place by the pack leader and what he does is put them into a submission posture on their back.

You can do this, too, when your dog misbehaves. If your dog gets in a fight with another dog or does something that is unacceptable, you can put them into a submissive posture and let them know that you are the boss. And the best thing about it? You are not hurting the dog at all!

What Dogs Hate the Most

Once you start to put the dog into a lay down position you need to follow through and not give up. It is important that you assert your position so that your dog will listen to you when you give them a command. This is the method that does not hurt the dog and is something that they will understand as well.  LIKE this if you know you are the boss!

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