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How to Train Your Dog Using Water

September 4, 20120 Comments

Cesar Milan is most commonly known as the Dog Whisperer because of his understanding of the canine mentality and behavior. He also has a lot of training methods in his arsenal and offers the following advice on how to train your dog using water.  Just about everyone thinks about food or treats or affection and praise as the most common for use in training exercises.  Here, Cesar points out that you can create good associations for your dog using water.  Yes, first you need to get them into a thirsty state by playing with them or exercising them but when it is time to give them water you have a good chance to also help them learn.

How to Train Your Dog Using Water

If you have a puppy or new dog and you want to help it learn its name, say it while they are drinking their water.  If you want them to learn a command, like “come”, then use the time they are drinking water as your opportunity to repeat the command.  Since food and water are essential to life, it is a great method to create a powerful association between you, the command and the dog.  This is an awesome tip for how to train your dog!  Using water gives you the chance to have your dog’s full attention and make the most of this daily routine.

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