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The Most Loyal Dog | Video

October 2, 20120 Comments

Here is an amazing video about one of the most loyal dog we’ve seen.  A Shepard mix, Capitán, has taken up residency in the graveyard where his owner is buried.  The video is in Spanish, but I’ve placed some information about what is going on below.

The Most Loyal Dog

For six years, a dog named Capitán has stayed by his owner’s graveside in Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba, Argentina. Every day at 6pm, he lays by Miguel Guzmán’s headstone, on faithful vigil.

The dog’s remarkable story of loyalty began on March 24, 2006, when Miguel, who was Capitán’s owner, passed away. As soon as Capitán realized Miguel was no longer at home, he left to search for him and miraculously managed to find Miguel’s grave in the nearby cemetery. Since then, the dog has stayed by his deceased owner’s side and refuses to return home. (Read more)

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