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The Best Dog For Me | Video

September 10, 20120 Comments

Ha! This video is all about a visit to a dog shelter and what the dogs there would like you to know about them.  You may be thinking “Which is the best dog for me?” but they are thinking, “Pick me! I’ll show you why if you let me!”

This is a great look into the mind of a dog and you will see what we are talking about when you see this quick video.

The Best Dog For Me – From the Dog’s Perspective!

Wasn’t that great?  But all joking aside, you should have a good grasp of the size and age of the dog you are looking for.  Once you have that decided, then you can start to look for a dog that fits your lifestyle.  If you are very active, then you can steer toward more high energy dogs.  If you are a bit more of a calm personality, then you will want to ask to see some calm dogs in your size and age range.  When looking for ‘the best dog for me‘ you do want to pay attention to dogs that you feel a connection with.  Don’t let your eyes fool you though!  Go with how you feel above how cute a dog looks.

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