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Tips on Selecting a Puppy | Video

August 20, 20120 Comments

All puppies are truly adorable and all deserve good homes. But there are some really important things to think about and decide before you head out to get a dog.  The video below has some great tips on selecting a puppy. A young dog has its own specific set of challenges. It’s best to know what you may be getting you and your family into with the decision to get a puppy.  For many, the extra work is not a deal breaker at all but it is always a good idea to get as much information as possible before committing to the time and care a puppy takes.

Consider things like; your family’s lifestyle, the size of the dog breed, if you already have pets, the time required in grooming, exercising and training of the puppy. Also be sure to brush up on the characteristics of a specific breed. You want to be sure that if it is a breed that barks a lot, or is very intelligent and requires professional training that you know up front and are ready to handle that kind of thing.

Tips on Selecting a Puppy

Another tip would be to try as best you can to determine the breed of a mutt or mixed-breed dog.  It could be quite disconcerting if you took home an adorable little puppy only to have it grow up to be about Great Dane size!  Get the opinion of a veterinarian as to breed and eventual size of the puppy.

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