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Puppies Learning To Walk – English Bulldogs

September 26, 20120 Comments

Keep in mind that when you arrive home with your puppy it is a “baby” dog and needs all the love, cuddling and rest that all babies need.  Puppies learning to walk and move about also need encouragement.  Watch them closely and if they start to get too frustrated or tired, then it is time to scoop them up and give them some more love before providing water and food, too.

Are these little guys too cute for words? I think they just might be!

Puppies Learning To Walk – English Bulldogs

Moving to a new home, leaving his dam and litter mates and the only humans he has ever really known is a very traumatic experience for the puppy, so try to make the move as easy as possible for him. For the first couple of weeks, try to change his life as little as possible. Follow the breeders feeding routine. The same times, the same amount, the same brand of food, the same supplements. Feed him in the same place at each meal. Be sure he has a special area all his own for his bed. Give him lots and lots of cuddling and petting. Do not let him play so long and hard that he becomes exhausted.  (More here)

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