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Choosing a Dog…or Cat? Which is Cheaper? | Video

September 7, 20120 Comments

When you are deciding to get a pet for your family, the choice may be about choosing a dog…or cat…  Which is cheaper, do you think?  The ASPCA conducted a study and compared the average costs for owning a dog and for owning a cat.

Cats are fairly well known for their ability to be a bit more independent than dogs – but they still need to see a vet regularly and have plenty of toys, right? What do you think? Is a dog less expensive to keep or is a cat less expensive?

Choosing a Dog…or Cat? Which is Cheaper?

Well, there you have it. Dog expenses range in price from about $580 – $875 per year and cats are about $670 per year.  Smaller dogs may end up costing about the same amount as a cat, but neither is ‘cheap’!  When you add up the first year costs of spaying or neutering your animal, you are already well on your way to out of pocket expenses.  You need to think about collars and leashes, litter boxes for cats and perhaps crates for dogs, food, toys and treats as well as the regular medical bills.

Before you know it, it all starts to add up and the question of choosing a dog or cat & which is cheaper is not really the issue.  The issue is that you need to be prepared and understand how much a pet really costs before you commit to getting one.  Some people really love dogs and some people are committed to their feline friends and either way, that’s great.  But being prepared for the financial responsibility is a requirement before you take the next step and select the pet for you.



The Dog Whisperer on Choosing a Dog

August 8, 20120 Comments

With hundreds and hundreds of breeds available, how do you ever even begin to know which dog is right for you?  Well, here is the Dog Whisperer on choosing a dog and you may be surprised about some of what he notices about the 2 dogs in question.  Cesar Milan assists a young boy in the selection of a companion dog to a family’s current dog.  There needs to be a match and it isn’t between the owner and pet, but between the two dogs.  You’ll see that even though the two male dogs seem to get along and are not fighting in any way, there are some tell-tale signs that could spell trouble later.

"Cute" does not mean 'Well-behaved!'

The Dog Whisperer on Choosing a Dog

***UPDATE*** The National Geographic Channel has removed the video of Cesar Milan from their archives. This is a fairly common occurrence – but we do apologize that you cannot see the video! I’ll do what I can to relate to you what the video was about.***

In the video you were introduced to a mother and her son that were wanting to get a second dog. This second dog was to be a companion for the boy (who looked to be about 8-10 years old) but also for the family’s current dog as well.  Cesar instructed the young man that it was the dog’s energy and temperament that was important, not the way the dog looked.  Basing a decision on the fact that the dog was really cute was not going to help the family select a dog that was right for them.

With the help of a local shelter, the boy was able to look at a handful of dogs that were about the right size and age range to match with the current male dog already in the family.  The boy chose two dogs to look at, one male and another female.  Cesar pointed out immediately that the female dog had a nice calm demeanor.  The boy loved the happy energy and look of the male dog.

As they brought both dogs into the family’s back yard, Cesar began to point out behaviors that each dog was exhibiting that would give indications as to their personality.  The male dog that the boy liked so much, began to assert itself on the current pet’s bed.  He also pushed past the family dog to get to the water dish and also interrupted the mother petting the other dog.  Cesar warned that this dog was perhaps too aggressive and would begin to fight with the current dog for dominance.

The female dog, on the other hand, showed some submissive behavior and backed off when the family dog came to check out Cesar and other parts of the yard.  Again – Cesar pointed out that the female dog was a good match for the current male dog and that she had a calm nature and seemed to not be interested in picking any fights.

Do you agree with the Dog Whisperer on choosing a dog?  Did you learn something about what to look for in terms of behavior regarding the new dog coming in?  Let us know below in our comments section and keep an eye out for our new Facebook page.  We’d love to hear your advice and tips, too!

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