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How To Train Your Dog To Rollover

October 1, 20120 Comments

This training can get a little tricky because your dog may not quite understand what it is you want him to do.  This video offers a pretty good example of how to train your dog to rollover.  The women shows how she allows her dog to lick the treat in her hand before she begins the movement that is slight back and then over.  As the dog follows, the rollover movement is then accomplished.

This particular training may not work as well with a large dog, as their necks are longer and they may be more tempted to just follow the treat with their head and not their bodies.  In that case, it might be necessary to work the treat in a different motion along the dog’s body to help it finally roll over.

How To Train Your Dog To Rollover

As the dog begins to finally roll, then you can introduce the word as a command. Be sure, as always, to offer plenty of praise when your dog gets it right.  This is not quite a regular movement that dogs make.  If my own personal experience is any indication, they more usually get onto their sides and stay there!  LIKE this post if you agree!


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