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How To Train Your Dog To Not Jump On You

September 20, 20120 Comments

To follow up on yesterday’s training video find, today’s video covers how to train your dog to not jump on you.  Again, it is necessary for the dog to already know the ‘sit’ command in case you need to enforce it.  Hyper dogs will often jump up on you as a form of play and this needs to be discouraged.  If they do it to you, then it is highly likely they will continue the behavior with other people and that could create a problem.  If it is an elderly person or someone who is afraid of dogs, then this behavior is not only bad manners on the part of the dog, it could also put you in some hot water as well.

The trainer in this video instructs to bring your knee up while commanding “Off” to the dog.  The knee up should not be done in a forceful way at all, but is an easy and gentle motion designed to place the dog away from you.

The video does not cover this, but if you are in a sitting position and cannot bring your knee up when the dog jumps up on you, you can then stand up and turn your back on the dog as a way to show them that jumping up is not an acceptable behavior.

How To Train Your Dog To Not Jump On You

When going through the exercise and learning how to train your dog to not jump on you, it is important to continue to praise them when they behave in the desired way.  You do not always want to reinforce good behavior with treats, so petting and verbal praise need to be used as well.  You could start the initial training with treats, then switch to verbal praise alone as your dog starts to understand.

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