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How To Train Your Dog To Bark on Cue | Video

September 18, 20120 Comments

It can be so frustrating when your dog has no idea when to bark and when to be quiet.  There are times, of course, where barking is acceptable and even encouraged.  But what about when the dog is barking uncontrollably?  When you learn how to train your dog to bark on cue, then you also have the opportunity to train him to be quiet as well.  They need to learn the association between the bark that is okay and the bark that is not.

The first trick for you might be in learning what makes your dog bark.  There are plenty of dog owners that won’t have that problem, but you just may find that discovering your dog’s trigger is a challenge!  That’s okay, take your time.  When you do find your dog’s bark trigger, then you can take the steps shown in this video and begin the training.

How To Train Your Dog To Bark on Cue

Training to bark on cue really does go hand in hand with also training to be quiet with a hand signal.  This control will help when your dog is around your guests and in other situations where you need him (or her!) to remain quiet.  Dogs do need to bark though, so be sure to allow them to whenever it is not a bother.  Learn how to train your dog to bark on cue with the above video and let us know if you have any questions or comments about your experience with your dog.

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