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How To Train Your Dog: Reading His Tail

October 17, 20120 Comments

This is a brief over view of the different wags your dog displays.  That tail speaks a language of its own and it can be helpful to understand the basics.  If you want to know how to train your dog, reading his tail is a good indication of when he might be in the mood for a training session or not.

The guy in this video demonstrates how a tucked tail indicates a fearful state while a tail pointing up, even if it is wagging, is an indication of aggression in your dog.  Using these cues, you can act appropriately to help your dog relax and feel better.

How To Train Your Dog: Reading His Tail

You also want to watch your dog’s stare.  If he is staring very intently at something, you want to break that attention right away and bring him back to paying attention to your commands.  Fixation like that is a clear indicator that he may be thinking about doing something aggressive and getting himself in a bit of trouble. Learn your dog’s ‘tells’ and you will have a better chance at keep both of you safe and sound.

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