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Even Cats Want to be Dogs!

September 24, 20120 Comments

If you love dogs, then you know how fun it is to play a bit of ‘Fetch’ with your furry friend.  They are so cute as they chase after their favorite ball and even cuter when they run back toward you with that drooled on ball gripped in their mouths. After you have been playing for a while, they begin to pant and it resembles a smile so much, you find yourself smiling back!  The interaction is so much fun and is a great bonding experience for you and your dog.

This is often one of the experiences that cat owners miss out on, and it’s such a shame!  Oops…except for this particular cat owner.  They seem to have a bit of a mixed up feline.  This pretty kitty is panting AND not only chasing the ball, but bringing it back to the owner in a classic game of ‘go fetch’.  This is the kind of cat we can get behind – that’s for sure.

Even Cats Want to be Dogs!

This sweet cat has all the makings of a great dog – and that makes it okay in our book.  Have you seen other cats behave in this fashion?  Let us know on our Facebook page or in the Reply section below, we would love to find other cats who want to be dogs.

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