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Does Your Dog ‘Talk’?

October 16, 20120 Comments

Some dogs do more than bark; some dogs make sounds that are more along the lines of howling…but not quite.  You may know what we mean when we ask, “does your dog talk“?

Technically, your dog is not actually talking. Instead, some dogs are gifted with the ability to mimic the sounds you make.  They reflect back to you certain sounds and then you get so excited and repeat the phrase or word again, thus reinforcing the sound again.  Especially if you also happen to have some treats on you, those smart dogs will do just about anything to get at those treats!

Does Your Dog ‘Talk’?

This dog, Bella, is very talkative and knows her owner loves it.  She is vocalizing in a way that is similar to how she would let other dogs know how she is feeling and certainly gets her point across to her owner.  The captions are cute and do match up to make it seem like a real conversation.

Does your dog talk? Maybe not as much as this dog does, but you know what your dog is thinking most of the time anyway, right?  ‘Where’s the food?’ is always a good guess!

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