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Good Puppy, Good Dog | Video

August 22, 20120 Comments

So much of a dog’s development occurs in the first four weeks of life.  This is a great video that will show you how much the puppy can change and grow and outlines how a good puppy = good dog.  Knowing some of this information can help you in understanding what to look for from a breeder.  You should ask questions about those early weeks and be sure that the puppies were treated well.

Good Puppy, Good Dog – A Journey of Four Weeks

What did you think about the veterinary behaviorist saying that a puppy’s features are meant to win us over?  Are they really designed so that we will fall in love with them?  That would certainly explain a lot!  Do you have anything to say about how to help a good puppy = good dog? What other types of care help to enrich the puppy’s life so that it does better later in life? Share with us!

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