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Bringing Home Puppy

October 10, 20120 Comments

Bringing home puppy is an exciting time!  There are many things to think about and you need to prepare.  This video has a plethora of information regarding the newest addition to your family.  The trainer covers an excellent list of items that are necessary to have before you bring your puppy into your home.

Get out your pen and paper so that you can take notes – this video is absolutely packed with good information to make the introduction of your puppy to your home and family go as smooth as possible.

Bringing Home Puppy

Think about your house before it is time to be bringing home puppy and think about if there are any rooms that you want to keep the puppy out of.  Baby gates are excellent for this and can be very helpful.  After all, you don’t always want to be following your pup around all day!  Did you LIKE this video? It gives wonderful information to help you prepare and know what to do in the first week or so that your puppy is in its new home.

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