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Loving the Air

April 11, 20130 Comments

As the pet parents try out their new leaf blower, Lucy the Beagle decided that it was just too much fun and had to jump in and see if she could get that air!  The result is this hilarious video of her biting and nipping at the blast of air coming from the machine and puffing out her mouth.  Lucy will play like this for awhile, but mom and dad have to put it away after a few minutes because it dries out her mouth! Get a drink and then come on back to laugh some more with Lucy!

They’re Lucky They’re So Cute!

April 10, 20130 Comments

Okay – we have now reached the opposite problem of the last two videos!  Someone wake these noisy snoring dogs up!  Wow…we aren’t sure we could sleep at the same time as these babies because of all that snoring. They are loud and they are BOTH snoring. It’s just too much!  Could they be any sweeter sleeping together like that?

What would you do if these were your dogs?!

Another Sleepy Pooch

April 9, 20130 Comments

This must be the buddy of the sleepy dog from yesterday.  He is doing all he can to not give in and fall asleep – so it’s with some grunts and sniffs that this beautiful baby rocks on his haunches until he just can’t take it anymore!  He is so cute with his head tilted first on one side, and then on the other in his effort to stay upright.  In the end, it’s just too much as he finally walks off to go find a quiet spot in the house to get those ZZZs!

Time For A Nap, Gramps

April 8, 20130 Comments

When it’s time to lay down, sometimes you just try to fight it.  But this old pooch should just give up and go find his bed, poor thing! He is struggling to not fall asleep but it is a futile effort.  He is so funny trying to keep upright when it’s so obvious he wants to lay down and pass out.  What a sweet old gramps – we give you the ‘go ahead’ to take that afternoon siesta.  You’ve earned it!

“Mom” Is His Favorite

April 5, 20130 Comments

So “Mom” is his favorite…or so he says!  We think it’s the treats that are his favorite and it’s mom that’s holding them so we’ll say what ever she wants.  After all, she is nice enough to dress up Elliot and make sure he has his swag on.  Elliot is one lucky baby to be loved to much, so eat up and tell your mom how much she means to you.

It’s so cool when dogs can learn to imitate the sounds we make and sound like they are talking!  We love to know they care enough to at least try…and of course the treats don’t hurt!

I’ll Get Down When I’m Good And Ready

April 4, 20130 Comments

Okay, it might take a dozen times of telling this pooch to get off the bed before he actually does it but two things here: 1) He is just too cute spinning and jumping around on the bed like that! and 2) He did FINALLY get down, at least.  This big puppy is still wanting to play and show that he can make up his own mind when it comes to the rules that mom sets.  That will likely need to change – but in the meantime, enjoy this goofy pups antics and let yourself smile!

I Can Dry Myself, Thank You

April 3, 20130 Comments

This beagle just finished her bath and was determined to carry the towel around and finish the job herself!  She didn’t seem interested in going downstairs where her stuff was – she was clean and ready to get on the bed.  That’s what the bath was for, anyway, right?  Come on, mom!

Winston Is Too Tired To Care!

April 2, 20130 Comments

Oh! To only be able to sleep like this again!  Little Winston has fallen asleep in the crack between the two car seats but let’s be honest here…he is just to tired to care!  He gives a feeble attempt to get up and out and then simply falls asleep again.  That’s okay, Winston! You are one gorgeous little golden retriever and we love you the way you are!

What a sweet baby!

Asa Asks The First Dog To Prom

April 1, 20130 Comments

The Doggy Day Camp Prom is coming up at Best Friends Pet Care in Chicago.  It’s going to be on May 9th, so Asa the Shepard is doing her Sadie Hawkins best to see if Bo, the first dog, will be her date.  Hey, if some kid can ask a supermodel to go with him to his prom, Asa figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask Bo.  Wish her luck!

Dogs Love Water Slides

March 29, 20130 Comments

Water slides are usually very popular with kids, but who knew the dogs would love it too?  These two family dogs are willing to make the climb to the top of this 24 foot water slide and it sure looks like they think it was worth it at the bottom!  They look just like kids to when they get off a water slide like that, don’t they?  Happy and ready to go again!

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