Dogs and Babies

Uh, That Wasn’t A Kiss Little Bulldog

April 26, 20130 Comments

Okay, mom said the puppy would kiss the little boy, but it didn’t! It was trying to suck on his nose!  Oops!  It was wet and gooey and still pretty cute, though.  Then the mom does the unbelievable…she  bribes the little boy to let the puppy do it again!  Bad momma!  Just kidding.  He’s your child and if you want to give him sugar before bed, that’s your call.  This English Bulldog is one cute pup and we thank you for sharing him with us.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

March 13, 20130 Comments

Aww! This boxer knows how to make this little baby feel better.  A little hand holding is all it takes sometimes.  I know there is no audio…but who needs it?  This silence is golden!



I Want To Rock With Baby

February 25, 20130 Comments

This little Lhasa Apso x Shih Tzu puppy really wants to rock out with baby Judah.  Those bouncy things are fun!  The baby isn’t all that bad, either.  I think the puppy doesn’t mind sharing as long as the bouncing continues!

A Battle of Cuteness

February 8, 20130 Comments

Who do you think will win this battle of cuteness?  The Shorkie puppy or sweet little baby Sophie?  They are both super cute and both are wondering what all the fuss is about.  As they call back and forth to each other and laugh at each others antics, it suddenly doesn’t even matter. They are both winners of this cute battle!

Careful Down Those Stairs

January 31, 20130 Comments

Stairs can be tricky.  It is certainly helpful to have a helper around and this owner happens to have a wonderful helper on hand for her little one.  It is only a couple of steps, but as they sometimes say, the first step is always a doozy!

This dog has your back, little one!

That Happens When You Kiss A Dog

January 25, 20130 Comments

Little William loves his buddy Otis.  His hug is just too adorable for words and Otis knows that he is treasured.  But…when you kiss a dog on the head, you risk getting a little dog hair on your mouth.  Buck up, though! That’s the price of love, baby!

Giddyup Little Doggie

January 10, 20130 Comments

This little guy  has his boots on and is ready to go for a ride.  If course, the dog is not really into giving rides today, but this rider is willing to give a little prompting.

Can you say “Giddyup”?

This Baby Learns Quick!

January 9, 20130 Comments

It’s all fun and games until that dog figures out how to get in that bathtub!

Perhaps it is for the best, then, that the dachshund’s legs are simply too short and it is unlikely he will jump in the tub with the baby.

Either way, if you didn’t smile at this fun, you must be dead!  Watch and see what I mean!


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