Dog Tricks

Deep Diving Dog

March 28, 20130 Comments

The owner says that this is a salt water pool – so that is awesome to hear! This is one lucky dog to have such a beautiful pool to swim in. He certainly loves the water and has mastered the art of holding his breath.  This is the ultimate game of fetch and is sure to wear out the dog.  That is the goal at the end of the day, right?  He sure is fun to watch!

Excellent Control Over A Big Mac

February 18, 20130 Comments

Okay, let’s be real here…not even my teenaged son could do that!  What a great dog for keeping still and listening to his dad.  That meat had to smell good – that was a little bit of torture for this canine, so I sure hope his dad gave him some good treats after displaying his excellent control and not eating that Big Mac!

Synchronized Dog Tricks

February 11, 20130 Comments

And you thought training one dog was difficult!  These Schnauzers know who’s the boss and they don’t mind doing as they are told.  What well behaved dog babies!

It is pretty amazing that they do not distract each other but manage to all keep their eyes on momma.  Bang! You’re dead – x 3

A Boy And His ‘Bella’

February 5, 20130 Comments

Bella is a sweet little dog and knows some good tricks.  She listens well to her young parent as he gives her instructions.  It is so great to see relationships between kids and their beloved dogs!  Bella is a very lucky and well loved dog – oh…and she’s pretty cute, too!

Jesse Can Do Anything!

February 4, 20130 Comments

What CAN’T this little Jack Russell Terrier do?  We say Jesse can do just about anything he puts his mind do! Front rolls? Done that.  Skate board, pack a bag, jump rope, balance on feet, play soccer? Of course!  Watch and smile.

Tired Of “High Five” Dog Trick?

January 23, 20130 Comments

If you are tired of the old “high five” dog trick, you will be very happy with today’s video.  This owner and her friends, Kiko and Splash, know some really awesome tricks!  Watch this video for inspiration on some new and fun tricks you can add to your pooch’s repertoire.  Roll over?  I don’t think so!  Try ‘between’ or ‘look left/right’  and then progress from them.  Your dog will have fun learning new things with you!

Good Balancing!

December 26, 20120 Comments

This boxer is well trained and listens well to her mother.  Only when she hears the “Good Girl!” cue does she chomp on whatever happens to be balanced on her nose. Well, except for that glove.  She didn’t want any part of that glove!

Dogs Say the Darnedest Things

December 19, 20120 Comments

You thinks kids say the darnedest things? What about dogs? They have a lot do say and are just waiting for the opportunity to tell you what they think.  That…or they just have the ability to copy the sounds we make and respond to how to excited we get when they do just that!

Check out what these guys have to say.

This Dog Drives Better Than Your Grandma!

December 17, 20120 Comments

We all know dogs are smart and many respond exceptionally well to training.  Porter is no exception. He may only be going 5 miles per hour, but he sure looks cool doing it!

A little “swag” never hurts and Porter was happy and listened to his trainer to get that car around the track.

You Wished Your Dog Listened Like This!

December 11, 20120 Comments

What an amazing relationship this man and his dog enjoy!  The dog is waiting on his every word and follows direction like the true champ that he is.

A lot of time and patience went into training the dog to behave so well, but most people will probably agree…if we could get our own dogs to listen only half as well, we’d be so happy!

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