Dog Rescue Videos

Man Rescues Pup From Canyon Floor

March 21, 20130 Comments

While hiking in a quiet and serene canyon, Zak Anderegg  came upon an amazing site.  300 feet down in a canyon he was hiking through, he came upon a starving puppy on the canyon floor.  After giving the dog some water, he climbed back out of the canyon, drove to get the dog some food and then returned.  On the third day he was finally able to get the puppy out.  Dehydrated and starving, it took a little while for the pup to recover. Watch as Ellen talks to the Andereggs and gives them a wonderful surprise.

Leo Is The Hero Of The Day

March 19, 20130 Comments

Leo is a loving Jack Russel mix that stayed with a litter of kittens despite the fact that the house was on fire.  He refused to leave the kittens and was pulled out by firefighters just in time.  The kittens were all safe, and after getting some oxygen, Leo was allowed to check out the kittens and see that they were safe.  What a total sweetheart!  That is one lucky family to have such an amazing dog!

Beautiful Little Matilda

March 12, 20130 Comments

Matilda was dumped by her owners and they did not leave any information about her.  The rescue workers were not sure why she was so wobbly and was walking in circles.  Soon, it was discovered that she was blind and deaf…with a neurological problem as well.  A kind stranger agreed to help, and Matilda had 8 weeks of love and affection before she passed away from a brain hemorrhage.  Her sweet little face will not soon be forgotten.  Rest well, little one.




Another Day, Another Resecue

March 11, 20130 Comments

There are so many good people that love animals and do what they can to help their communities by rescuing abandoned, stray or lost dogs.  This video shows the typical kind of rescues that they perform on a regular basis.  They work very hard to find homes for the dogs as well, so if you feel so inclined, help them by donating to their shelter here:  or, of course, to your own local shelter in your home town!



Lulu Gets A Second Chance After Accident

March 8, 20130 Comments

WARNING: This video contains surgery footage.

Sweet little Lulu had been hit by a car and was hiding in some bushes.  After she was pulled from the deep foliage, she was taken to a veterinarian and xrays showed that she had fractures and a break that were a over a week old. This made the surgery a bit more difficult, as pins were required to get her hip back in the right alignment.  As you can see, Lulu is fine in the end and went on to look for a happy home.  Rescues like this should be supported. Please, give to your local shelters when you can!

Abandoned German Shepard Shows A Soft Side

January 7, 20130 Comments

This sweet German Shepard was abandoned along with another, younger, dog.  When the call came in, the rescue workers learned en route that someone had picked up the younger dog but left the older one, named Duke.

It took some coaxing and more than a little patience, but this old dog showed his soft side when the rescue people showed him they could be trusted.  They had his best interest at heart and were able to get him food and shelter and a second chance.

Lab Rescued From Icy River

December 21, 20120 Comments

How amazing are these rescue workers?  They look like a Fire Fighter EMT unit – but it doesn’t matter.  They did a great job of getting this poor Yellow Lab that had fallen into an iced over section of a river. The poor dog is crying out and barking but they are able to get him out and into an ambulance.  They dry him off as much as possible and rub him down with warmers.

Amid the talk and banter, one EMT keeps saying “Stay with us” and it is amazing to witness.

Dog Protects Owner That Fainted

December 14, 20120 Comments

This little dog wasn’t quite sure what to do when his owner fainted in the middle of the street.  But he did know that perhaps others shouldn’t be touching his person.  He barked at paramedics and stood right by his owner while they tried to attend to the owner and eventually got him in the ambulance.  Still, this little dog was going in circles and was not sure what to do when they finally decided to allow him to into the ambulance and ride with his person.  You can see how relieved he looks!

A Dog of Valor

December 13, 20120 Comments

Jack is just the friend that Maya was looking for.  Not only can he alert the family to her oncoming seizures, he is her best friend and brought this little girl out of her shell.

This incredible little terrier was found in a dumpster.  Thank goodness he survived – and is now helping Maya to not only also survive, but THRIVE!  LIKE and share this incredible story of a little girl and her best friend.

Dog Saves Baby

November 26, 20120 Comments

A baby that was abandoned by its mother ends up being rescued by a female dog who had just given birth to her own litter.

In a situation that could have ended very badly for the little baby boy, the instinct of the beautiful soul of the mother dog made this a story to remember.

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