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Uh, That Wasn’t A Kiss Little Bulldog

April 26, 20130 Comments

Okay, mom said the puppy would kiss the little boy, but it didn’t! It was trying to suck on his nose!  Oops!  It was wet and gooey and still pretty cute, though.  Then the mom does the unbelievable…she  bribes the little boy to let the puppy do it again!  Bad momma!  Just kidding.  He’s your child and if you want to give him sugar before bed, that’s your call.  This English Bulldog is one cute pup and we thank you for sharing him with us.

Husky Not Concerned About Dad’s Arrival

April 25, 20130 Comments

Usually, dogs are known for their exuberant welcoming jumps and attention when the pet parents come home from being gone.  Well, Mia the Husky is having none of that today.  Perhaps she was in a deep sleep before they came and is still drowsy or perhaps she is punishing them for leaving in the first place!  Don’t make a Husky angry, that’s all I’m saying.  Then you come home expecting some love and…nope.  Nothing.  Not even Grandma got a “hello” this time!  Poor Grandma.


Here’s Some Husky Love

April 24, 20130 Comments

This Husky pup is crying out for some love! Or food…or water…or just because! Who knows with puppies sometimes. Really, he might just be practicing for later when his howl will be a bit more intimidating and not so gosh dang adorable.  Just about all babies are too cute for words, but this little Husky puppy is cute enough to gobble up, don’t you think?  That’s one tiny fur ball that gets our vote.


When Was The Last Time You Watered Your Retriever?

April 23, 20130 Comments

Now this is how to spend a very hot day!  These friends and family people are all right and they certainly know how to treat a guest, that’s for sure!  The pool is so relaxing and it was put in the shade, too, so that also helps.  His friend off to the side is waiting for his turn, and it’s likely that he’ll get it.  Think about investing in a small pool like this for your baby this summer. They will thank you for it with lots of kisses!

Tommy the Chihuahua and His Baby

April 22, 20130 Comments

Every baby needs their own baby and Tommy has found his.  This little Chihuahua is spoiled rotten, as you can see and is so happy to be so.  This is one great video!  With his jammies on and in his bed, Tommy is ready to settle down for the night and hugs and loves (and chews and bites!) on his favorite teddy bear.  This is one loveable pooch!  Could he be any cuter in his bed with his bear?  Good night, Tommy!

Let Me Tell You About My Day

April 19, 20130 Comments

Paco the Chihuahua has to have his say before going to bed each day.  He likes to recap all the things that happened during the day and see how you are doing as well.  And, what the heck, if you feel like petting him and giving him some love at the same time, he won’t say ‘no’!  Paco uses his voice for more than just a daily run down, you know.  His papa says that his voice has been featured in a couple of movies, too!  Let’s hear more, Paco!

Small Medium and Large

April 17, 20130 Comments

Check out these three buddies as they take over the couch for a super quick snooze.  They are different breeds and hugely different in size.  They look like an example of small dogs, medium dogs and large breed dogs all in one household! They are all so beautiful and look like some seriously lovable babies. Thanks for sharing this glimpse into your pack!  We love it!

Put Some Water In Here!

April 16, 20130 Comments

Wow, Gus is ready for some water to be put into the tub! A little help here, please, mom or dad!  He is happy to paw at the sides and roll around a little, but that may not appease him for long! This guy loves the water and is not afraid to show it.  Who gets in the tub without any water?  Time to step up and give this pooch some water to play with!

Yippee! Bath Time!

April 15, 20130 Comments

I’m ready mom! Corina is a wonderful girl and is more than ready to take a bath when mom says so.  She is so excited, she doesn’t even wait until the tub is full – the silly girl.  When she gets in she seems so relieved.  It’s so great when you don’t have to fight your dog to take a bath, right? This is one lucky parent, as far as we are concerned.  We’ll leave you to your bath now, Corina!

Maybe Some Day, Little Guy

April 12, 20130 Comments

As she listens to some wolves howling, this little Pomeranian is not sure what to do.  First, let’s get to a safe place, shall we?  The bed is a good spot to take another listen and look at what that noise is!  Ellie then begins to cock her head and try to see what those other dogs are saying.  Then, watch out world! Ellie is going to join in an ancient call of the wild and look completely adorable in the process!

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